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Jet Boating New Zealand represents the recreational jet boater in New Zealand. Your membership helps us keep access to our rivers, without the work done by our many volunteers we would not be able to enjoy jet boating as it is today.

Fill out the form below to Join Jet Boating NZ

Once we receive your application you will be sent:

  • mags2 copies of previous editions of Jet Boating Magazine
  • Wind in your hair letter
  • A note from the National Secretary
  • An invoice

Upon receipt of payment you will then receive:

  • Current issue of our quarterly Jet Boating Magazine
  • Your JBNZ  membership card
  • The JBNZ Annual Year Book - referred to as the Jet Boaters Bible
  • JBNZ Registration letters for your boat and trailer
  • nzmapsmRivers map
  • Fire extinguisher sticker
  • JBNZ sticker
  • Keep right on River Channels sticker
  • A magazine cover to keep your club magazines in
  • Invitation to special tuition days
  • Access to family river outings and social events
  • Invitations to competition days
  • Access to all racing information

JBNZ Membership Conditions:

1. Membership is open to any interested person over the age of 16 years and also to "Family Members" who can be: wife, husband or child under 21 years of age.

2. The Subscription of a "Family Member' shall be guaranteed by the full member concerned, and shall receive the full privileges of Jet Boating NZ with the exception of mailings which will not be made to the "Family Member". Upon reaching the age of 21 years, the "Family Member" should transfer to full membership

3. As a member of JBNZ you agree under the Privacy Act, to hereby allow Jet Boating NZ to publish your personal particulars in the membership list and any results as required

4. You agree to pay, upon acceptance of your membership, the portion of my annual subscription due on a pro rata basis (Membership is due on the 1st July annually)

5. Upon acceptance of your membership you agree to pay the fee for the first year (or part there of) the sum of:

  • Annual Subscription $ 130.00
  • 'Life' Membership $1,500.00
  • Family Members - Free

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